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Gluta Panacea VS Gluta Pancea?

Gluta Panacea VS Gluta Pancea?

As PinkRoom Team has observed, there are a lot of customers having doubts and are asking what is the real name of this product. When they google our products, they usually find "Gluta Panacea".


So just to clarify, Gluta Panacea B & V is our old packaging. Due to a number of rumors attacking the product's credibility, especially in Malaysia, our company decided to discontinue the brand 'Gluta Panacea' and launched a new one called 'Gluta Pancea'. This product was released to the market last July 2016. Please understand that this is the new official name of the product and be way of those who still try to sell the old one.

The CEO of Wink White released an official statement regarding to this issue to clarify and answer the doubts of customer. The CEO stated that they have also improved the brand itself by upgrading its formula.

So how do you know whether or not the product is authentic?

It has a Wink White 100% Original seal on the left side and Gluta Pancea hologram on the right side of the front packaging.


Moreover, the FDA number of the product and Halal logo is also visible behind the box.

The bar code, manufacturing and expiration date is also visible beneath the packaging.

So, we hope these clarifications are enough to put you at ease.